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New website !

Springtime being at the corner of the street, the timing is perfect to launch a brand new website. A perfect occasion to bring back to life old pictures from old projects (“Mingan 81”, “Montreal Fire Fighters”, “Le Blond” etc.) but also to help you discover recent and unpublished body of work such as “Peoples of […]

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Florae Tropicae

A photographic essay in color on the flora of the tropical zones. Textures, patterns, designs and abstractions from cacti to succulents. Consult a CIRAD article (in french).

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Pictures taken during several stays in New York City in the early 80s. A black and white photo essay in the american tradition of street photography, such as the one of Walker Evans, Robert Frank and Lee Friedlander for example. Online reference to « STREET PHOTOGRAPHY »

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Virtual Tours

Dynamic exploration at 360 degrees of spaces and sites on the screens of smartphones, tablets and computers…

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Mingan 1981

First true contact with the world of the North American Indians in the summer of 1981, during two short stays in the Innu village of Mingan, on the north coast of the Saint Lawrence river, during a dispute about the fishing rights of aboriginal people in Quebec. See MAP

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Cali Mugs 96

A collection of “mugs”, portraits of riders – surfers and skateboarders – produced in 1996, from Los Angeles to San Diego, with and at the request of Bruno Débauché (RIP). See MAPAbout BRUNO DÉBAUCHÉ (in french)

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BCN Verde

Essay in analog panoramic photography on the forms taken by the presence of the vegetal world in the urban landscape of large metropolises. In this specific case, the city of Barcelona, capital of Catalonia. See MAP

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Waves & Shorelines

Panoramic black and white views – from medium format analog film – captured along the Hawaiian, Californian and Australian coasts in the early 2000s.

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« Le Blond »

At the start of the 1980s, thanks to the release of the film « La vie au bout des doigts » (Life at the fingertips) which introduced him to the general public, Patrick Edlinger – also known as “Le Blond” – became the leading figure in modern climbing.For more than a decade, he will then […]

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Houses & Interiors

A photo essay about architecture and interior design along the Basque Coast from Biarritz to Saint-Jean-de-Luz. See MAP